Theme Routs of the Costa Blanca

Sustainable tourism in the heart of Alicante

Route of the natural areas

The Nature Areas route has been specially designed for visitors staying in Benidorm and takes them through Alicante Province’s rich and diverse countryside heritage.

Secluded coves, spectacular cliffs plummeting down to the sea, dense Mediterranean forests packed with a huge variety of aromatic and medicinal plant species, wetlands bustling with birdlife and fantastic World Heritage Site palm trees.

The nature tour from Penyal d’Ifach to the cove of Cala del Moraig runs through the spectacular landscapes of Alicante‘s northern coastline.

The Font Roja itinerary ventures into the heart of the province, the second most mountainous in Spain. The scenery is a roller coaster mix of sheer-sided mountains and beautiful fertile valleys.

The Montgó to Cap de Sant Antoni route runs along the northern coastline and includes some walks revealing the local plant and animal life, caves, steep cliffs and even old windmills.

The itinerary that runs from Clot de Galvany to the Palmeral d’Elx takes visitors to the southern part of the province on a journey through the area’s wetlands, with its huge range of plants and wildlife, the dunes on Carabassí beach and the impressive palm tree groves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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