Theme Routs of the Costa Blanca

Sustainable tourism in the heart of Alicante

Route of the almohad castles

The Almohad Castles Route is an enjoyable cultural tour suitable for holidaymakers and for incentive and conference tourism. It is also a great complementary activity for city tourism and beach holidays.

The itinerary, ideal for people staying in Alicante-Playa San Juan, shows visitors the majesty and spectacular nature of the largest defensive fortresses set in Alicante‘s interior region.

Armed with these touring routes, visitors can delve into Alicante‘s Moorish past, an era of great progress but also of battles and Christian reconquest.

Following the theme of the Almohad legacy, people doing the tour can visit four magnificent recently restored castles standing in impressive locations near the towns of Biar, Castalla, Villena and Sax.

The fascinating itinerary that takes in the castles of Biar and Castalla gives visitors the chance to see two of the Almohad castles whose task was to defend the border territory between the Kingdom of Valencia and the Crown of Castile.

Another itinerary leads to Villena and Sax, showing visitors two of the most interesting castles in the corridor opened up by the river Vinalopó.

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