Theme Routs of the Costa Blanca

Sustainable tourism in the heart of Alicante

What’s SHIFT

The socioeconomic importance of tourism in the province of Alicante makes it necessary to reflect on the opportunities of the industry and about the key factors that will determine its future development. In choosing a destination, consumers are increasingly more aware of the preservation of environment and cultural values, hence the need to move towards more sustainability in the tourism sector, understood as the balance between economic development and preservation of natural, cultural and ethnographic heritage.

This combination has become a key factor that defines the ability to compete against other emerging coastal tourism destinations. Under this premise, the Business Confederation of the Alicante Province – COEPA  participates as partner in the project SHIFT  Sustainable Tourism In Fragile Territories, an initiative led by the Chamber of Commerce of Naples and funded by the European Commission through the programme MED  aimed at proposing an IQMIntegrated Quality Management for the tourism industry.

This model is intended to implement pilot tourism experiences that enhance the richness and variety of both natural and cultural heritage of the territories MED, thus contributing to extend the tourist season, diversifying the territorial supply and facilitating the access to new markets and emerging segments of visitors.

The product developed by COEPA in the framework of SHIFT consists of three theme routes originating in Benidorm and AlicantePlaya San Juan as an argument to value and promote natural and cultural tourism attractions of our province, which will serve to stimulate an extension of the tourist season, support the local supply diversification through sustainable themed attractions and meet those segments demanding a more content in their vacation experience.

The thematic routes proposed in this website have been designed within the IUIT – Instituto Universitario de Investigaciones Turísticas del la Univesrsidad de Alicante, a formula that has succeeded in reconciling environmental sustainability, solidarity between municipalities and economic viability, which was made possible thanks to cooperation on the initiative of various representatives of the Civil Society with expertise in this field, including major tourism business organizations, regional and provincial governments and local the municipalities.

Organisations participating in SHIFT: