Theme Routs of the Costa Blanca

Sustainable tourism in the heart of Alicante

Technical reports

The Shift project – Sustainable Tourism in Fragile Territories, funded by the MED program under the ERDF, is born to add value to natural and cultural heritage as a way to complete the existing tourism offer and achieve a more balanced use of land and resources.

SHIFT is an initiative led by the Chamber of Commerce of Naples, in which the Business Confederation the Province of Alicante – COEPA is a partner with the aim of providing sustainable business proposals for the Costa Blanca.

The product developed by COEPA under SHIFT consists of three thematic routes originating in Benidorm and AlicantePlaya San Juan as an argument to value and promote natural and cultural attractions of the province, which want to be a stimulus for extending the tourist season,
support the diversification of local supply and satisfy those demand segments who want enjoy more content-based vacation experience, whose design has been carried out by the Institute of Tourism Research at the University of Alicante – IUIT.

Through thematic routs of the Costa Blanca, COEPA and IUIT have achieved a product that reconcile environmental sustainability, solidarity between municipalities and economic viability, which was made possible thanks to cooperation on the initiative of various representatives of civil society expertise and competent in tourism, as the major business organizations in the industry as well as regional governments and municipalities included in the routes.

In this section, oriented to tourism planning professionals, stakeholders interested in this project can consult and download the studies conducted by Tourism Research Institute at the University of Alicante (IUIT):

SWOT analysis of tourism in the Costa Blanca. Analysis of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats from the perspective of the sustainability of local tourism industry, based on the destinations that may originate tourist flows towards the thematic routes: Benidorm and Alicante – Playa San Juan. Spanish version plus summary in English. No full English version available.

+ info: SWOT analysis of tourism in the Costa Blanca, PDF 352 KB

Environmental factors of tourism in the Costa Blanca. Identification of problems arising from tourism mass influx in coastal destinations that affect the natural resources, as well as actions from supply and demand management point of view in areas of special environmental sensitivity. No English version available.

+ info: Environmental factors of tourism in the Costa Blanca, PDF 209 KB

Manual for tourist theme-routes development in Costa Blanca ©. Technical development of the theme-route product, which materialises the philosophy, objectives and operating methodologies of the project SHIFT in the Costa Blanca. No English version available.

+ info: Manual for tourist theme-routes development in Costa Blanca PDF 70 Mb

Further developments and promotion actions of theme-routes in the Costa Blanca. Future developments assisting public and private tourist organizations for the product obtained with SHIFT to become a commercial reality. No English version available.

+ info: Further developments and promotion actions of theme-routes in the Costa Blanca, PDF 217 KB

Guidebook of the Costa Blanca theme-routs. A promotion action to support the marketing of the routes at user level, published in Spanish and English, which include the three thematic routes that will lead the visitor to discover the most beautiful sites in the province of Alicante. No English version available.

+ Info: slideshare rutas-temticas-de-la-costa-blanca

Organisations participating in SHIFT: