Theme Routs of the Costa Blanca

Sustainable tourism in the heart of Alicante


SHIFT (Sustainable Tourism in Fragile Territories) is an initiative funded by the European Commission under the MED programme. The project is coordinated by the Naples Chamber of Commerce with the participation of the Province of Alicante Confederation of Business Owners (COEPA) as promoter for the Costa Blanca region.

For developing this SHIFT project, COEPA has received support from the University Institute for Tourism Research (IUIT) based in the University of Alicante and from sector business owners’ organisations belonging to COEPA. Support has also been forthcoming from the Benidorm and Costa Blanca Hotel Owners’ Association (HOSBEC), the Alicante Provincial Hotels Association (APHA) and the Provincial Hotel and Restaurant Owners’ Association (APEHA).

SHIFT marks a definitive move by the business community based in Alicante province towards a kind of tourism that is not only sustainable, but that makes full use of the region’s huge potential for combining its natural and cultural attractions.

The themed routes described here have been designed to support the work of tour operators and travel agencies in planning day trips and excursions that set out from two of the province’s main coastal destinations, Benidorm and Alicante-Playa San Juan.

These routes, including a wide range of self-guided itineraries that are easily accessible by public transport, take visitors on a voyage of discovery into a world of sensations, opportunities and new experiences as they tour natural, cultural and ethnographic attractions, both on the coast and inland.

Organisations participating in SHIFT: